Economic Development

Sales Tax Rates

Effective October 1, 2017
State of Kansas – 6.50%
Crawford County – 1%
City of Pittsburg – 1.50%
Total sales tax – 9.00%
Inside Transportation Development District total sales tax – 9.30%

Crawford County Statistics for Fiscal Year 2015 (most recent available)

Population 39,290
Per capita sales tax $676.78
CTPF 0.77
TAC 30,286
Percent of market share 1.05%

Pittsburg Statistics for Fiscal Year 2015 (most recent available)

Population 20,409
Percent of county sales 73.2%
CTPF* 1.09
TAC** 22,197

Source: Department of Revenue & United States Census Bureau

*CTPF (County/City Trade Pull Factor) — The measure of the relative strength of the retail business community.  A CTPF of 1.00 is a perfect balance of trade between county/city residents who shop elsewhere that is offset by the purchases of out-of-county, or out-of-city customers.

**TAC (Trade Area Capture) — The measure of the customer base served by a community.

Additional Information

For additional resources and information on economic development for the City of Pittsburg, please visit their web site.

For a list of available commercial properties in the area, or for questions related to economic development, contact Blake Benson, chamber president and economic development director for the City of Pittsburg, at 620.231.1000.