Chamber Blue

The Pittsburg Area Chamber of Commerce is proud to announce that it’s joining forces with the Chamber of Commerce Executives of Kansas (CCEKS) and Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Kansas to create Chamber Blue of Kansas. A groundbreaking effort, this new association health plan will allow 38 participating local chambers and their member businesses to pool their employees with these other chambers and access the health insurance savings typically associated with large group medical coverage.

Please take a few minutes to complete an interest survey. Completing this survey allows your business to be eligible to enroll in Chamber Blue effective January 1, 2023. If your business is currently enrolled with BCBSKS, you simply will include your business information and group number. If your business is not currently enrolled with BCBSKS, please complete the census which will include the name, date of birth, gender and zip code for each employee, spouse and dependents covered under your current plan or those you believe will want coverage under this plan. The deadline is August 18, 2022. The survey is to be completed one time per business by the person responsible for the decisions of the health benefits for your company. It is not to be passed to the employees to complete. Please note that you must complete the survey in order to be eligible to participate. If you are currently enrolled in an insurance plan and do not wish to participate, it is important to still complete the survey as it will help determine rates.